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UPDATE 21 FEB 2024

Trout Stocking – We are beginning slightly earlier this year with a total of 4 planned stockings. Notifications of these stocking will be published the following Monday. If the status of the previous stocking has yet to be posted, check VDWR's Daily Trout Stocking Schedule or call 434-525-FISH (3474). For more info on Quantico Trout Stocking, click the Activities tab above, select Fishing, then select either Chopawamsic Trout Waters and/or Secon Pool.The dates will be posted below as we complete them with stockings occuring more or less every other week. The final stocking will be Friday April 5th for Virginia Trout Heritage Day. Fishing in the trout waters will be prohibited from that point until Saturday April 6 at 0900. 

1st = 15 February
2nd = 29 February



UPDATE 15 JAN 2024

NREA will be hosting a Turkey Hunting Skills Workshop at the Game Check Station on March 9th.
Seating is limited and you must register at the link below
Link:  Event - Turkey Hunting Skills - March 9, 2024 in Stafford, VA (register-ed.com)



Marine Corps Base Quantico Bulletin 11015 was recently revised to authorize SUNDAY HUNTING on 8 October, 19 November, 17 December 2023 and 14 April 2024 ONLY. The GCS is closed, and no hunting is allowed on all other Sundays.

The revised 2023-2024 Hunting Bulletin has been signed by command and is located on the iSportsman homepage.


UPDATE 05 JAN 2023

As of 05 Jan 2023, any game cameras found deployed on MCBQ property will be confiscated by Law Enforcement.

MCBQ Command has implemented a change to the Base Photography Order.  Effective immediately game camera use, including for scouting, hunting and other outdoor recreation, is prohibited on MCBQ.  




Quantico DOES NOT participate in the Early Archery Season in September that Stafford and Prince William Counties have enrolled in. 

Quantico DOES NOT participate in the Early Muzzleloader Season.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Containment Area  Fauquier County and Prince William County are within VDWR’s Disease Management Area (DMA) 2. The Training Areas included are 6C, 9B, 10A, 11A, 12A, 12B, 13, 14A, 14B, 14C, 15A, 15B, 15C, 16A, 16B, 16C, 16D, 16E, 16F, 16G, 17A, 17B, 17C, Camp Upshur, and all Mainside Hunter Parking Areas. Any deer harvested in these areas MUST follow VDWR’s requirements on transporting deer.  VDWR has authorized base hunters to transport deer to the Quantico Game Check Station for data collection purposes.  Fauquier and Prince William County deer must be immediately taken to a processor within DMA 1 or DMA 2 or processed (quartered) at the Game Check Station. We have a refrigerator unit available to hang deer for up to 72 hours for you to come process your deer. The spinal column and head MUST be left at the GCS so NREA Staff can properly dispose of them. In a joint effort with the state, we have and will continue to take samples to test for CWD. Through testing, CWD has not been confirmed present on the base. Please see our Guidelines for Hunting within DMA2 document for more information.

​Sunday Scouting:
​Sunday scouting is permitted 0800-1600. You cannot reserve an area on Saturday to scout Sunday. Additionally, to make a reservation for Monday, you make your reservation on Sunday instead of Saturday.