Biking on Marine Corps Base Quantico

Marine Corps Base Quantico has an extensive trail system that is available for a variety of recreation activities. Biking trails are maintained on both the east and west side of Base. Some of the trails are designated open for all users but some are restricted to foot traffic only. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Please refer to the Trail Map to determine which trail is right for your desired activity.

West Side Trails
There are over 13 miles of trails located in Training Area 6C. These trails may be accessed by a parking area off of Russell Rd or a parking area located up Breckenridge Rd. Please note that the road to access the Breckenridge parking area has several stream crossings. If stream conditions are high or dangerous the gates to Breckenridge Rd and the Russell Rd trailhead will be locked and all trails will be closed.

West Side Trail Map

Mainside Trails
There are many trails scattered throughout the Mainside of Quantico that are multi-use. They provide Base residents and employees the opportunity to hike, jog, ride horses, mountain bike, and enjoy nature. Stadium and Sewer trails are open 365 days a year unless otherwise indicated. All other trails are subject to closure to bike riders when the ground is soft or very wet. Trail closure updates are available from the NREA Branch on the MCBQ website.

ALL trails are closed after dark. All trails are moderately strenuous. No motorized vehicles are allowed on any trail.

Bikers using the MCBQ trail system are required to obtain a biking permit through iSportsman and use the electronic sign-out system while they are recreating in Training Area 6C.


The woods traversed by these trails may contain UNEXPLODED ORDINANCE (duds), which are dangerous and must NOT be REMOVED or DISTURBED. If dud munitions are found, mark the area with rags or other means and immediately report the location to PMO at
(703) 784-2251