Fishing on Marine Corps Base Quantico

Marine Corps Base Quantico offers anglers the opportunity to pursue a variety of sport fish including largemouth bass, bluegill, and catfish within three large impoundments and several ponds ranging from 5-16 acres.

Trout are stocked from late February until mid-April in Secon Pool (youth fishing only) and the Chopawamsic Trout Waters in 6C. Consult the Trout Fishing Map for more information.

The Potomac River and Quantico and Chopawamsic Creeks provide access to tidal freshwater fishing for largemouth bass and migratory fish such as striped bass.  Snakehead can be found in nearly any tidal waterway. VDWR lists them as an invasive species that can be caught and released, but must be killed if in possession. For more information see: VDWR Northern Snakehead.

Locations of all lakes, ponds, and designated trout waters can be found on the MCBQ Fishing Map, or by clicking on of the links below. 

Breckenridge Reservoir* Joe Fox Fishing Pier
Buffalo Pond* Montford Point Pond
Cedar Run Quantico Creek
Chopawamsic Creek R-6 Pond
Chopawamsic Trout Waters Secon Pool
Dalton Pond Smith Lake*
Gray's Reservoir

Upshur Pond

Lunga Reservoir *

*Electric boat motors only

Anglers must checkin and checkout of water bodies using iSportsman.
Fishing hours are as follows:
                 For our Tidal Fishing Areas (Chopawamsic Creek, Joe Fox, Quantico Creek):

                                        Fishing is 24 hours.
                                        You still must checkin/checkout to avoid being locked out by the system.

                 For Non-tidal Fishing Areas:
                                        You may fish from 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour past sunset.