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Training Area Guide

It is important that you know where you are in the woods on Quantico, and at times the Hunt Map may seem a little confusing. Available below are enlarged diagrams of each training area so that you can clearly see the boundaries and major features of each section.

Alternatively, our Hunt Map is a geospatial pdf that can be uploaded into any mobile mapping app, such as Avenza, that can be used for offline mapping and orienteering while recreating on MCBQ.


Training Area List

05A 08B 13 16D
05B 09B 14A 16E
05C 09C 14B 16F
06A 09D 14C 16G
06B 10A 15A 17A
06C 10B 15B 17B
07A 10C 15C 17C
07B 11A 16A  
07C 12A 16B  
08A 12B 16C