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Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

I don't have a smart phone, can I still hunt/fish on the base with iSportsman?
Yes, you can call 1-866-449-4401

What licenses must I have on me the day of my hunt?
All hunters/anglers must print their vehicle pass and it must be displayed on their dashboard at all times while recreating on base. The hunting pass can either be printed and on their person, or a screenshot saved on their phone. 

I made a reservation.  Do I still need to check into my training area the day of the hunt?       
Yes, you need to check into your area after making a reservation.  The reservation simply reserves your spot but does not check you in.  Similarly, please cancel your reservation if you decide not to hunt. Any time you make a reservation for the following day, your spot for that particular area is reserved until you check in. For deer season, you have between 4:00am and 10:00am the day of your reservation to check into the reserved area. If you fail to check in to your reservation by 10:00am your reservation expires and becomes open. For turkey season, you have between 4:00am and 5:15am to check into the reserved area.

What constitutes being "Checked in" and "Checked out"?
Checking IN
to an area means you check in when you enter the installation.
Checking OUT from an area means you have completed your hunt and are at your vehicle or in vehicle searching for reception to check out. You must be physically out of the training area prior to checking out of iSportsman.

We understand that the cell reception is spotty in some areas of base. YOU as a hunter MUST account for this when deciding when to end your hunt to allow yourself adequate amount of time to check out.

What if I need additional time to track my wounded game?
If you need to request tracking time, you have until 15 minutes after the end of legal shooting time to call the GCS at 703-784-5523 or 703-784-5329. The end of legal shooting time is 1/2 hour after sunset. Note that to track wounded game you must have a blood trail. 
          For example: If sunset is 7:00 p.m., end of legal shooting is 7:30 p.m., you must call before 7:45 p.m. to request tracking time. 

​I shot a deer on Saturday night, but wasn't able to find it. Can I track it on Sunday?
​Yes, you can track a deer on Sunday with the following provisions:

  1. Notify the GCS staff on Saturday night before the check station closes that you would like to track on Sunday. GCS staff will make sure the area is clear of any training, and if necessary, attempt to deconflict training with your deer recovery.
  2. You may track from 0800-1600.
  3. You must check-in / check-out of iSportsman as "scouting". You may NOT carry any weapon on Sunday.
  4. Follow the instructions given to you by GCS staff and the instructions on the Sunday Tracking Form.

Does Quantico offer the Urban Archery season?
DOES NOT participate in the Urban Archery Season in September that Stafford and Prince William Counties have enrolled in.

What do I need to do to allow my child to hunt with another adult?
To allow your child to hunt with another adult on Base you must fill out the Parental Consent Form (download here) and turn it in to the staff at the Game Check Station.

How can I tell if roads are open or closed?
Military training may cause road closures throughout the installation at any time of the day. For the most part when accessing base, if an area is open for recreation, road access to that training area will be open. In addition, we will post the gate and road access sheet for MCB 3 and MCB 6 on the Open Areas tab on our home page. If either of these roads are fully open it will be reflected on the Open Areas tab. 

What if I get locked behind a training area access gate?
If this happens Monday-Saturday, call the Game Check Station at 703-784-5523 or 703-784-5329.  During Sunday scouting call the Provost Marshal's office at 703-784-2251. 

How do I get my deer processed?
You can take your deer to a processor or process it yourself either under the shed behind the GCS or at home. We have a refrigerator unit available to hang deer for up to 72 hours for you to come process your deer. If your deer was harvested out of any of the Disease Management Areas on Base, you must follow CWD guidelines for processing. A list of nearby processors are listed HERE