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Marine Corps Quantico Base Access Information

In order to access the installation for hunting, fishing, trapping and/or woodcutting you must have an approved base access credential. You MUST have one of the following:

MCINCR-MCBQ issues DBIDS cards to those without other approved credentials. Upon vetting and approval by the Provost Marshal Office, DBIDS cards will be issued to allow access to the installation for authorized/approved purposes.

Please see the Visitor Control Center website for access credential specifics.

Some "Brown" category license holders who were not previously subjected to a background check (such as those with law enforcement credentials) will now be required to be vetted. 

To Obtain a DBIDS Card:

  1. Complete the pre-enrollment process by clicking HERE.
    • For hunting, fishing, or woodcutting use "Natural Resources" for your sponsor's last name, and "NREA" for your sponsor first name with email address "quan_sac@usmc.mil" and phone number "703-784-4030"
  2. Bring the confirmation code or printout, a printout confirming you have registered for an iSportsman account, AND photo ID (such as Driver's License, State ID, or Passport) to the Visitor Control Center located at 27031X Telegraph Road, Quantico, VA).  The VCC hours of operation can be found on their website.  Call the VCC at 703-784-3023/3024 with questions regarding base access.

Hunters, Fishermen, Trappers, and Woodcutters without a CAC, TESLIN, DBIDS, or PIV card will be denied access to MCBQ for hunting, fishing, trapping, or woodcutting.