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Chopawamsic Creek Boat Access

Chopawamsic Creek is located on the Mainside portion of Quantico, on the south side of Russell Rd. There are two boat ramps located on the creek: one on the western end and one on the eastern end.

The western boat ramp can be accessed from the Wildlife Viewing Area off of Russell Rd. This is a shallow ramp made of gravel, best suited for canoes, kayaks, and lighter boats with electric motors. The parking area is limited and it is difficult to maneuver a car and trailer around the ramp.

Wildlife viewing Area
Wildlife Viewing Area
Officer Candidate School

The eastern boat ramp can be accessed from behind the Officer Candidate School (OCS). This is a deeper cement ramp that is well-lit and easily accommodates larger boats with its deep draft and solid construction. The ramp is steep and when wet or covered with ice can be difficult to drive off. Use caution during winter months to avoid sliding while utlilzing the ramp.

Chopawamsic creek is subject to tidal changes with significant depth changes from low to high tide, especially during heavy west or northwest winds. The current at the OCS boat ramp can also be strong on a wind-aided rising or falling tide, making it difficult to launch or recover watercraft. During periods of low tide the Chopawamsic may become un-navigable to boats with motors. Because of the silt build up and the extremely soft bottom, getting out of your boat and pushing may be dangerous. It is highly recommended that you know the tide schedule for the day so you are aware of the conditions of the creek.