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Smith Lake Boat Access

Smith Lake is a man-made reservoir that provides water to Stafford County and has two boat ramps. It is located on the west side of Base and can be accessed from Smith Lake Rd off of MCB-2. The road is graveled and only one car wide. As you travel down the gravel road there is a fork: staying left will take you to the northwest boat ramp, and veering right will take you to the southwest boat ramp.

Northwest Boat Ramp Parking Coordinates: 38.495420, -77.407517
Southwest Boat Ramp Parking Coordinates: 38.489485, -77.405479

Smith Lake has a restriction on boats: no gasoline engines are allowed on the lake. You must use either an electric motor or a hand-paddled boat.

Use extreme caution when walking on the banks and in the water as there are numerous drops, obstructions, and slippery banks.

SL Boat ramp1
Northwest Boat Ramp


SL Boat ramp 2
Southwest Boat Ramp