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Dalton Pond

Dalton Pond Blind
This blind is located in Training Area 13 on the west side of Base (TA-13 does not have to be open to general hunting to be able to use this blind). To access the blind, head south from the boat ramp toward the far side of the pond. The blind will be on the western (right) shoreline approximately 550 meters from the boat launch. This blind is also accessible without the use of watercraft. Facing the boat ramp, head west along the dam road, cross the wooden bridge and take a left (heading south) until you reach the blind (approximately 400 yards). Note: you are still required to have a way to retrieve your downed game. The pond is of moderate depth around the edges ranging from 1-10 ft. There is a deeper channel through the middle of the pond. This blind has no dog door/ramp.
GRID COORDINATES: 18S 276971, 4271769
Alternate Shooting Stake: None