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Waterfowl Hunting on Marine Corps Base Quantico

Waterfowl hunting on MCBQ offers hunters the opportunity to hunt a variety of waterfowl species across the military Base. Waterfowl hunting is allowed in Chopawamsic Creek, Quantico Creek, the Potomac River, Smith Lake, and Dalton Pond. West of Interstate 95, waterfowl hunting is permitted in open hunting areas. Hunters west of I-95 may not construct permanent hunting blinds but may use temporary brush blinds for concealement. East of Interstate 95 waterfowl hunting is only permitted from licensed blinds that are maintained and operated by the Base for public hunting. Click the links below for more information about MCBQ waterfowl hunting blinds and locations.


Click here for the 2023 Waterfowl Blind Guide

East of Interstate 95

Chopawamsic Creek
Quantico Creek
Potomac River

West of Interstate 95

Smith Lake
Dalton Pond



Blind reservations and checkins are done through your iSportsman account within the Checkin/Checkout window. Note that only three people can be in a given blind at a time. Reservations to be the Primary Pass Holder for a blind can be made starting at 12:00pm the day prior to your hunt. Checkins as the Primary Pass Holder and Guest Pass Holders can occur starting at 4:00am the day the reservation is made for. It is important to note that you may only check-in to a Primary Pass for a blind if there are still 2 spots remaining in the Guest Pass of the same blind or if you made a reservation as the Primary Pass Holder for that blind. Checking into a Guest Pass for a blind means that you are hunting with the Primary Pass Holder. If the Primary Pass is taken by somone you are not hunting with, you may not check into the blind.